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Fun Things To Do With Your Cat/Kitten

Are you bored with all the repeats on TV? Do you want something better to do instead? Do you want to get your money’s worth out of your pet?  Follow our tips below guaranteed to make you cry with laughter……

 A royalty will be expected if any clips are shown on You’ve Been Framed!!!!

 1.       Get a big box (large shoe box etc) and cut different size and shape holes on the top and the side. Put a ball or toy inside. Wait for the cat to jump inside and play to their hearts content.

2.       Sellotape – a) Pull of a stretch of tape and fold it over to make a loop. Stick this on the cats paw. Watch – you may want the video camera for this one! (for variations try to stick a piece of paper, match etc. or something on the top of the tape circle)

b) If the cat gets wise to the method described above, leave a large loop of tape on the carpet in a walkway. Some time in the evening the cat will forget and walk over the tape… with the same hilarious results as above.

c) Get a beer bottle top (it is not too heavy) and attach it to a loop of tape. Gently throw this at your sleeping cat so it sticks on their side. Watch them jump up and try to remove the offending item

3.       Get a plastic bag from any supermarket and leave on the floor. The cat will crawl inside and start to run around. Our cat puts his head and legs through the handles and runs around. This is a tear enducing experience. You must watch the cat to ensure that it does not get trapped and suffocate.

4.       Get a box from the packs of 12 cans of coke, or bottles of beer. Ensure that the box is empty. Leave the box in the cats’ sight. Wait for them to get in the box and then move it around the room. Watch them stick their heads out to watch the journey. They can play in/around the box for ages.

5.       Get a small cat ball with a bell inside. Throw this up the stairs when your cat is in a playful mood. They will run up and down the stairs trying to catch the ball. When the ball is at the bottom of the stairs repeat the action and throw it to the top again. After about 10 minutes of this your cat will be panting – if they have not fallen down the stairs first.

6.       Laser pens – Shine the laser on the wall/floor, up and down the stairs, and, watch your cat going crazy to catch the dot. You must NEVER shine this in your cats’ eyes, as it will damage their eyesight.

7.       When using your computer allow your cat to sit on the desk so they can see the screen. Watch as they try to kill the mouse pointer and walk all over the keyboard.

8.       When your cat is near the TV put the snooker on. It seems to hypnotize most cats as they try to hit the snooker balls or just watch the match with a helping paw!

9.       Put a ball on the inside of a plastic laundry basket (the ones with square holes in and a solid base). Watch as your cat and it’s ball run the wall of death around the sides of the basket.

10.   If your cat likes to get inside things like ours – put on the floor and empty box of tissues and watch. (The best boxes to use are the ones with the clear plastic insert.) They stick their head in the opening but usually are not able to get out easily. They will run around the floor bouncing off furniture and other items until you take the box off out of pity or it falls off….. Either way it is amusing

11. Balance an object i.e. match, bottle top on your cats head and see how many seconds it lasts before it sails through the air.

12. Make a small ball from Tin Foil and throw it ...watch as the cat runs after it. It's nice and light and the cats can get their jaws into it...

13. An alternative use for tin foil is to gently mould a piece around the end of the cat's tail - just enough to hold it in place - and watch the cat chase it's tail round in circles...

14. Sit your cat on the top of the washing machine and start the spin cycle. Time how long it is before your cat spins off the machine... will it be before you get a stitch from laughing...????

15. Sent in by Denise Stark - I was reading some of the things you can do with your cats and I wanted to added a play toy too! The Straw! My cats go nuts over the "bendy" straws. I am a Special Education Teacher and I was putting together an activity that included straws...This is a great interactive toy between "human" and cat. They are safe (as long as the human is aware of the sensitive spots - the eyes) They are great because the cats don't get their claws stuck on them (verses the string - although string is great too). This toy is great for both young and old....even those "Ms. Priss" cats....

16. Tie a string around his or her tail…you can guess what happens next…


 Please do not harm your pets, who knows they may get their own back whilst you're asleep.

Disclaimer - No cats were hurt in the compiling of this list. We care for our pets.

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