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    Default Woman in Black

    Just been to see Woman in Black. Wasn't sure I get over Harry Potter being in it, but Daniel Radcliffe is surprisingly good. Despite the fact that the film DID make me jump a few times, and did bring up the goosebumps more than once, I didn't feel as though I'd seen a good film. A bit of an of an odd thing to say I suppose, but it just didn't feel "good". Anyone else seen what everyone says is a good film and felt a bit cheated??

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    I can certainly sympathise with this Waldo. I never actually felt cheated by a movie as I usually don't see a movie because of the hype around it but a lot of the films that critics rave about I don't actually enjoy. Sometimes they are too "real" I go to movies to escape from reality not live someone elses.

    The only movie I ever felt like asking my money back for was Sex and the City. What an awful film.

    Often the ones the critics hate I enjoy.
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